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The Tanzanian Wedding Ceremony
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In Tanzania, a marriage ceremony is one of the most important and blessed part part of our lives as it not only involves making your vows to one another and becoming legally married but also the virtue instilled when two people become one infront of joyful witnesses. And for most couples it’s no longer just a case of finding a local church with a free weekend…it is a memory of your lifetime, a time to celebrate what has passed and focus on a brighter future as one mind, body and spirit....thats why we offer you the one of a lifetime chance to celebrate this equally important moment in style.
There are many types of marriage ceremony, from religious weddings to civil weddings and nowcivil partnerships or gay weddings. Second weddings are on the rise and many couples also choose to renew their vows after several years of marriage to publicly reaffirm their love and commitment to each other. Some couples plan a civil ceremony with a separate religious blessing after. If you’re looking for something different and more personal then a Humanist wedding could be for you, or if you’d just like to break with custom and get away from it all then getting married abroad could be just the thing for you, just as long as it doesn’t upset your grandma! Multi-cultural weddings or Interfaith weddings can be twice the fun when you bring in traditions from each culture!

Wedding vows

tanzania wedding plannersWriting your own wedding vows for a civil ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to express just how much you love your partner and tell the world why they are so special to you. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us for tips and guidelines from experienced sources across Tanzania.

Performances and Music

Choosing which kind of  music to be played at your ceremony venue is another question of personal taste. You may want classical music or prefer something contemporary or even traditional for a your wedding. Sometimes it’s useful to carefully select the kind of performance as per your taste and your friends and relatives' expectations before you decide - please bear in mind that our brass bands are always on the stand by to make sure that you never dissapoint on this important occassion, alsoour wedding music CDs will help you choose the music that’s right for you.

Wedding readings

Most ceremonies have a couple of readings in which a romantic or religious story is told. The readings can be beautiful or thought provoking and will help to set the scene for your own union. Check out our ideas for both religious and non-religious readings and get our book, Wedding Readings, Poems and Vows for further inspiration.